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President Commissioner Foreword

Dear Shareholders and Stakeholders,

Allow me on behalf of the Board of Commissioners and committee members of PT Arna Cahaya Medika, to thank the Shareholders and Stakeholders for the trust bestowed on their behalf in order to monitor and control the performance of the company and the Board of Directors.

From an operational point of view, despite facing the covid-19 situation that still enveloped the world, the Company managed to survive and was even able to develop its business.

From the point of Corporate Governance, indicators of comprehensive corporate governance guidelines, non-conflict of interest practices, routine outreach, and periodic monitoring by the Committee are some of the indicators. The addition of human resources to fill various posts in the company’s organizational structure also makes the company’s pace more productive and efficient in its operations.

The Board of Commissioners advised that the company needs a practical strategy by increasing the Company’s income and income, one of which is by expanding the distribution and agency network and increasing cooperation with various vendors, especially in the field of medical and laboratory equipment.

Finally, we are sure that with the efforts of management and support from shareholders and stakeholders, the company will improve its position in 2022.


Rohni Cahaya Manik, S.Si., APT

President Commissioner