Arna Cahaya Medika Officially Becomes a Distributor of Phonak, a Premium Hearing Aid from Sonova AG Switzerland

Photo of Mr. Eki and Mr. Hendry (BOD of PT. Arna Cahaya Medika)

It is an honor that PT. Arna Cahaya Medika has officially become a distributor of premium quality hearing aids with the Phonak brand from Sonova AG Switzerland. The inauguration ceremony took place at the Phonak Asia Meeting (PAM) in Bangkok, Thailand on 8-10 November 2022. PT. Arna Cahaya Medika will provide product distribution and repair services for the Indonesian region. Sonova is a global company founded in 1947 focused on providing innovative hearing aid solutions, from personal audio devices and wireless communication systems to audiology treatment services, hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Photo of the 2022 Phonak Asia Meeting (PAM) activity in Bangkok, Thailand

Phonak Asia Meeting (PAM) 2022 event went well, representatives of PT. Arna Cahaya Medika celebrated together with distributors from other countries. At the end of the event, there was a celebration of Phonak’s 75th birthday with a cake cutting represented by Rico Vannotti as Director of International Sales. Phonak is part of the Sonova Group, which is committed to developing, manufacturing and distributing life-changing hearing solutions that have helped more than 100 countries across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa.