Even 2 Years Old, Arna Cahaya Medika Celebrates by Breaking the Fast Together and Providing Compensation for the Orphanage

Mr. Hendry (President Director of PT. Arna Cahaya Medika) is opening the 2nd anniversary celebration.

Arna Cahaya Medika held a thanksgiving and breaking the fast together in April 2022 as part of the company’s 2nd anniversary. Taking place at the Sutasoma Hotel, South Jakarta, the event was attended by the board of directors and all company employees. The event began with a short speech from the main directors who recalled how Arna Medika’s journey over the past 2 years succeeded in getting to where it is today. Plans and expectations are also conveyed for the company’s future steps.

Photo with the board of directors of PT. Arna Cahaya Medika.

The tumpeng represented by the board of directors was carried out symbolically as a form of gratitude for what the company has achieved so far. Not only celebrating with all employees, Arna Medika also shared happiness by providing compensation in the form of basic food assistance to the Mizan Amanah Orphanage.

Providing compensation to representatives of the Mizan Amanah Orphanage.

The event continued with cultural lectures and breaking the fast with all employees and invited guests who attended. For 2 years, Arna Medika continues to strive to be the leading partner as a provider of laboratory and medical equipment. In accordance with the company’s motto, namely growing ourselves, growing our company, what has been achieved so far will be a spur for Arna Medika to become even better so that it can continue to provide benefits to the wider community.

Arna Medika

Growing ourselves, growing our company!