PT Arna Cahaya Medika commits to the environment, social and corporate governance which continues to be strengthened from year to year to achieve sustainable goals.

We continue to move to have a positive impact through investment activities that empower communities so that they can continue to grow and prosper at every opportunity.


Investments in companies with an ESG orientation have become a reference for PT Arna Cahaya Medika in determining strategy and making every investment decision. The application of this orientation is expected so that the company can produce a greater impact in better business activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

PT Arna Cahaya Medika is fully committed to continuing to have a positive impact and contribute to society.

Investment success will result in social responsibility, therefore PT Arna Cahaya Medika actively carries out three CSR values, namely community empowerment, environment, and social development. Business activity should not only benefit business actors but also bring benefits to the surrounding community.

We establish the company’s CSR program with reference to the goal of achieving a balance between economic, environmental, and social interests, while at the same time meeting the expectations of shareholders and stakeholders.